The Mini Chillers will easily take 120 dozen stubbies, or drinks and perishables for up to 100 head of moderate drinkers. If your alcohol consumption will be a little higher, or you are catering for a crowd of over 100, we recommend hiring a Maxi Chiller.


Run on 240 volts
Have inside lighting for night events
Are generator compatible
Have a temperature gauge
Have a 30m extension cord

Our Maxi Chiller can be set to freezing (-18). Suitable for ice or frozen goods transportation and storage. Let us know what configuration you would like for your Maxi Chiller, whether it's an empty Chiller, shelving one or both sides, or if meat racks are required. There are no extra charges for supply of shelving and racks.



“It was awesome! So handy to have and easy to use. There were about 100 people there and we had over a pallet of beer in the chiller. It was heaps!”



“We had 150-200 people. The chiller was bloody excellent because it was lockable. Every time we ran out at the bar, we could just go out and get five boxes of beer and then lock the chiller up again. We didn’t have to worry about anything getting flogged. I’d recommend them – they’re bloody good. I’ll be using them again for the next 21st which is coming up soon.”

Mark Coplestone, Stratford.